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Chops (pork) $7.49lb when you purchase 5 or more packages
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Chops (pork) $7.99/lb

Ham Steaks $4.99/lb

Monster Chops (pork) $5.99/lb - 2.5-4lbs each LIMITED SUPPLY
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Pork Breakfast Special $39.99

Pork Cutlets - $4.49 /lb 5 stars (1)

Pork Loin Breakfast Chops $7.99/lb

Ground (pork) $3.79/b when you purchase 100ct or more!

Ground (pork) $4.20/lb when you purchase 25ct-49ct packages

Ground Pork (unseasoned) -$4.39/lb (when you add 1-24ct to your cart)

Ground Pork (unseasoned) -Volume Pricing 50-99ct packages $3.99/lb

Hot Pork sausage - $4.50/lb with purchase of 25ct-49ct.

Hot Pork Sausage-Volume Pricing with purchase of 50ct-99 packages $4.29/lb

Hot Sausage $3.99/lb with purhase of 100ct or more

Mild Pork Sausage-Volume Pricing 100ct or more $3.99/lb

Mild Pork Sausage-Volume Pricing 25-49ct packages -$4.50/lb

Mild Pork Sausage-Volume Pricing 50-99ct packages -$4.29/lb

Boston Butt - $4.99lb

Ham Roasts $4.59/lb when you add 3ct to your cart!
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Ham Roasts $4.99/lb

Pork Loin (boneless) 3.5-6 lbs each normally $7.99/lb

Pork Shoulder Roast when you purchase 5 or more $4.49lb
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Shoulder Roast (pork) -$4.99/lb

Whole Tenderloin (pork) $8.99/lb

Heart (Pork)- $.99/lb

Liver (pork) $1.99/lb * Limited supply*

Pork Kidney $0.99/lb *Limited Supply*

Hot Pork Sausage - $4.69/lb when purchasing 1-24ct

Mild Pork Sausage - $4.69/lb. when purchasing 1-24ct.

Andouille Sausage - $6.99/lb

Bratwurst - $6.99/lb

Chorizo Sausage - $6.99/lb

Hot Italian Sausage - $6.99/lb

Polish Sausage - $6.99lb

Sausage Sampler Pack $39.95

Sweet Italian Sausage - $6.99/lb

Cubed Pork (Boneless)- $4.49/lb

Ham Hocks (Uncured) - $3.49/lb

Heritage Smoked Bacon $9.99/lb 5 stars (1)

Leaf Lard - $2.29/lb

Neck Bones (pork) - $3.49/lb

Parts for People - $32.50/bag - ON SALE $25.00/bag
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Pork Ribs 15lb bag $54.49
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Rendered Lard *BACK IN STOCK WITH NEW LOWER PRICE $4.00 each

Ribs (pork) - $4.49/lb

Uncured, Pork Belly $4.99lb 5 stars (1)

Uncured, Sliced 1 lb Pork Belly $4.99lb

Bag O' Lard 15lb bag $5.00

Big Bag O' Lard 25lb bag $5.00
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Bulk Pork - deposit for half animal

Bulk Pork - deposit for whole animal

Quarter Pig
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Crockpot Special

Peaceful Pastures Sampler Pack - (Save 15%) 5 stars (1)

Pork Sampler Pack - (Save 15%)

Grass Fed, Pastured Pork

Did you know that pigs are also grazing animals? It's true! We use Tamworth hogs, a rare heritage breed brought over by the first settlers. They achieve excellent weight gains on grass without confinement or commercial feeds. The meat is tender and moist but without excessive fat.

Our hogs are also treated to produce from our own garden as well as all the leftover pumpkins (their favorite!) at the end of the growing season from a local farm.

Retail and Bulk Pork Pricing: We sell a large variety of pork cuts by the pound. Retail prices range from $0.99-$9.99 per pound. Pork may also be purchased in bulk by the whole or half animal.

Click here for Bulk Pork information.

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