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Filet Mignon $23.99/lb 5 stars (1)

Flank Steak - $9.49/lb

Minute Steaks $7.29/lb

New York Strip Steak $15.29/lb

Rib Eye Steak (Boneless) $17.99/lb

Sirloin Steak (Boneless) $8.99/lb

Skirt Steak $7.99/lb

Whole Tenderloin (beef) $21.99lb

Ground Beef - $5.25/lb with purchase of 100 packages or more
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Ground Beef - 1 lb packages $6.50/lb

Ground Beef - 5 lb package $5.60/lb 5 stars (1)

Ground Beef 1lb packages- $6.35/lb with purchase of 25 - 49ct packages

Ground Beef-1 lb. packages-$5.75/lb, with purchase of 50-99 packages
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Brisket-$6.79/lb 5 stars (2)

Chuck Roast-$6.79/lb

Eye of Round - $7.49/lb

Rump Roast (Boneless) -$7.79/lb

Shoulder Roast (beef) $6.29/lb

Sirloin Tip Roast -$7.79/lb

Heart (beef) -$2.79/lb

Kidney (beef) - $1.99/lb

Liver (beef) -$4.39/lb

Spleen (beef) $1.99/lb

Tongue (beef) - $2.79/lb

Beef Sausage (Hot) $7.00/lb

Beef Sausage (Mild) - $7.00/lb

Bare Beef Bones 15lb bag normally $15 5 stars (1)

Beef Soup Bones 25 lb bag $79.99

Big Bag O'Tallow 25lb bag $5 each

Leaf Tallow - $1.49/lb--ON SALE $.99/lb
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Oxtail -price $4.39/lb

Parts for People - $32.50/bag - ON SALE $25.00/bag
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Ribs (beef) - $4.99/lb 2.5lb 3.5lbs packages

Soup Bones - $4.29/lb 5 stars (1)

Stew Beef - $6.79/lb 5 stars (1)

Bulk Beef - deposit for half animal

Bulk Beef - deposit for quarter animal

Bulk Beef - deposit for whole animal

Beef Sampler Pack - (Save 15%) 5 stars (1)

Crockpot Special

Family Beef Special $275

Peaceful Pastures Sampler Pack - (Save 15%) 5 stars (1)

Grass Fed Beef

About our grass-fed beef: Angus cattle, long renowned for producing the highest quality beef with desirable marbling comprise the majority of our bloodlines. The animals we select for harvest are of prime age to assure that you will not be buying overly mature, tough meat. Our meat is genetically lean, yet juicy and is dry aged to bring out the maximum flavor and tenderness.

Our beef is 100% grass-fed and grass finished. Beeves that have been fed grain for 30-60 days before slaughter can still be called "grass-fed!" Peaceful Pastures beef is 100% grass-fed AND grass-finished.

Did you know that by definition, "hamburger" may contain added beef fat, soy or pork fat as filler? The fat may be fresh, previously refrigerated, or previously frozen and then thawed. The fat does not have to originate from the same animal as the meat being ground. "Ground Beef" however may not have added fat from ANY source. That is why we sell ONLY Ground Beef.


The single biggest reason for toughness in grass-fed meat is overcooking. Please see our cooking information page to read more about cooking grass-fed beef. Grass-fed beef whether from our farm or someone else's is not going to be like meat in the store (that's the good news/bad news.) Beef purchased in the store has been confined to a feed lot and fed high calorie feeds until it is processed. The extreme marbling you see in supermarket meats, especially cuts that grade "prime," is caused by fat overload in the cow. Animals store the majority of their fat along the outside of their body as a "wrap." When they can't hold any more fat that way, the system overloads and begins sticking fat anywhere it can, hence fat is then stored in the muscle tissue. Grass-fed beeves consume a natural diet of grass, legumes and native plants. They are not going to pile on fat like a feedlot steer. Fat is much less firm than muscle, so much of the tenderness of grocery store beef is due to the amount of fat in the product. Although our beef is lean, it is also tender because the meat is dry aged. Dry Aging is a process which allows for enzymes to break down the muscle tissues within the meat.

Retail and Bulk Beef Pricing: We sell a large variety of beef cuts by the pound. Retail Prices range from $1.99-$23.99 per pound. Beef may also be purchased in bulk by the Whole, Half, or Quarter animal.

Click here for Bulk Beef information.

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