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  • Filet Mignon $24.99/lb
    5 stars (1)

    Filet Mignon Description: The most tender cut of beef! Average Weight: .45 - .60 pound per package ... more

  • Flank Steak - $10.29/lb


    Flank Steak Description: Flank steak is very lean and full of flavor, it is delicious when grilled! Average ... more

  • Minute Steaks $7.49/lb


    Minute Steak Description: Tenderized minute steaks, ideal for Swiss or Salisbury Steak dishes Average Weight: Ap... more

  • New York Strip Steak $15.59/lb


    New York Strip Steak Description: Boneless, lean and thick, tasty from the Grill! Average Weight: 1... more

  • Rib Eye Steak (Boneless) $18.29/lb


    Rib-Eye Steak Description: Tender and perfectly marbled for a delicious and juicy treat from the grill or skillet... more

  • Round Steak - $8.29/lb


    Round Steak Round Steak, 1/2” thick, approximate weight .5-1.25 pounds each. Great for slow cooking, or fajita... more

  • Sirloin Steak (Boneless) $9.59/lb


    Sirloin Steak Description: This delicious steak is lightly marbled and great for grilling! Averag... more

  • Skirt Steak $8.49/lb


    Skirt Steak Description: Skirt steak is also known as the “butcher steak” because it’s rarely found on meat co... more

  • Whole Tenderloin (beef) $22.99lb


    Whole Beef Tenderloin Description: Ideal for Beef Wellington or for slicing into filets Average Weight: ... more

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