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Grass Fed Lamb

Customers have pronounced our lamb, "The Best Meat they have ever eaten!" and we agree!

We raise Dorpers, a shedding wool sheep.

The lamb we produce is truly a supreme product.

Our sheep are never fed grain - 100% grass fed and finished!

Ewe and Lambs

Retail and Bulk Lamb Pricing: We sell a large variety of lamb cuts by the pound. Retail Prices range from $4.49-$15.00 per pound. Lamb may also be purchased in bulk by the whole animal, which will be custom cut to your specifications.

Click here for Bulk Lamb information.

  • Chops (lamb) - $15.00/lb


    Lamb Chops Description: Meltingly tender from the grill! Average Weight: 1 to 2 pound per package Quantity: 4 chops per package, 1 1/2" thick each Price: $15.00 per p... more

  • Steaks (lamb, rear leg) - $13.00/lb


    Lamb Steaks Description: Melt in your mouth tender and delicious. Average Weight: 1 to 2 pound packages    Quantity: 1" thick, 4 steaks per package Price per Pound: $... more

  • Whole Lamb - deposit for whole animal


    Bulk Lamb is available by the whole animal only. The weight ranges and prices are approximates only. The final weight and price will vary with the size of the animal and the processing option... more

  • Ground (lamb) - $13.00 each


    Ground Lamb Description: Great for meatballs, excellent in curries, and makes to die for burgers! Average Weight: Approx. 1 pound packages Price per package: $13.00 more

  • Leg of Lamb (rear leg) $12.00/lb


    Leg of Lamb Description: The premium cut of lamb Average Weight: Approximately 5-9 pounds each. Price per Pound: $12.00 These are custom cut--not a product we normally keep... more

  • Ribs (lamb) - $5.00/lb


    Lamb Ribs Description: A unique alternative for rib lovers! Average Weight: Approximately 1.25-2 pound packages  Price per Pound: $5.00 more

  • Shank (lamb) - $7.25/lb


    Lamb Shanks Description: To die for tender and delicious when slowly braised with root vegetables!   The shank is the upper part of a lamb's leg.  Average Weight: A... more

  • Shoulder Roast (lamb, front leg) - $11.00/lb


    Lamb Shoulder Roast Description: Succulent and popular. ~ Order early to ensure product availability. Average Weight: 2-3 pounds Price per Pound: $11.00 more

  • Heart (lamb) $6.00/lb


    Lamb Heart Description: Excellent nutrition.  Delicious alone, or combine with ground meats for a richer depth of flavor to many recipes.     Average Weight: approximatel... more

  • Kidney (lamb) - $4.00/lb


    Lamb Kidney Description: Excellent nutrition.  Delicious alone, or combine with ground meats for a richer depth of flavor to many recipes.    Average Weig... more

  • Liver (lamb) - $7.50/lb


    Lamb Liver Description: Packed with B Vitamins and iron lamb liver is nutritious and a real gourmet treat! Average Weight: Approximately 1.0 pound packages  ... more

  • Spleen (lamb) - $4.00/lb


    Lamb Spleen Description: Excellent nutrition.   Average Weight: approximately .16 to .20 pound packages  Price Per Pound: $4.00 more

  • Cubed (lamb) - $13.25 each


    Cubed Lamb Description: Excellent for stews and kabobs. Average Weight: Approximately 1 pound packages Price: $13.25 per package more

  • Lamb Bones 10-12 lbs. for $35.00


    Lamb Bones These bones come in a 10-12 pound bag.  They are bones that have been scraped clean.  They have little to no meat on them.  They are great for stock making. more

  • Parts for People 12lb bags - $35.00/bag
    5 stars (1)

    Parts for People :Parts for People is OUR CHOICE of products.  Parts for People IS USDA inspected human grade meats--they are just our surplus items. Sold in 12 lb. bags, $35... more

  • $100 Dollar Gift Certificate


    Peaceful Pastures $100 Gift Certificate more

  • $25 Dollar Gift Certificate


    Peaceful Pastures $25 Gift Certificate more

  • $50 Gift Certificate


    Peaceful Pastures $50 Gift Certificate more

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