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All Natural, Grass Fed Meats

 All of our animals are produced humanely and sustainably without the use of antibiotics, pesticides or supplemental hormones.

Beef - Our beef is 100% grass-fed and grass finished. They are NEVER fed grain or any type of animal byproduct. Angus cattle, long renowned for producing the highest quality beef with desirable marbling comprise the majority of our bloodlines. The animals we select for harvest are of prime age to assure that you will not be buying overly mature, tough meat. Our meat is genetically lean, yet juicy and is dry aged to bring out the maximum flavor and tenderness.

Pork - Did you know that pigs are also grazing animals? It's true! We use Tamworth hogs, a rare heritage breed brought over by the first settlers. They achieve excellent weight gains on grass without confinement or commercial feeds. The meat is tender and moist but without excessive fat. Our pigs enjoy a diet of pasture, ground oats, pumpkins (!), roots, and nuts. 

Lamb -  The lamb we produce is truly a supreme product. Customers have pronounced it "The Best Meat they have ever eaten!" and we agree! Like our beef, the sheep are 100% grass-fed and grass finished. 

Poultry - We produce PASTURED chicken--better than Free Range! Our birds spend their lives on pasture with grass, legumes and insects making up a significant portion of their diets and are soy-free.

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