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Pork Cutting Options


Shoulders – Choose one option for half and two for whole pig.

                        (Yield – 20 pounds per shoulder)



  1. Roasts
    1. 3-4 pounds
    2. 2-3 pounds
    3. 1-2 pounds



  1. Ground into sausage
    1. Hot
    2. Mild


  1. Ground Pork (unseasoned)


  1. Cubed pork (good for shish kabob or stew meat)



            How Thick?

            How many per package?



            a. Leave as whole slabs (about 20” long)

            b. Cut each side into smaller slabs and package them individually

            c. Ground Pork


Hams – Choose one option for half and two for whole pig. 


1.      Roasts

a.       One BIG ham roast, 14-18lbs, good for BBQ

b.      4-5 pounds

c.       3-4 pounds

d.      2-3 pounds

e.       1-2 pounds




2.      Ground in sausage

a.       Hot

b.      Mild


3.      Ground Pork (unseasoned)


4.      Cubed ham


5.      Ham Steaks


a.       How Thick?

b.      How many per package?


Side – (yield 8-10 lbs. per side)


1.      Sliced into UNCURED BACON

2.      Ground into your sausage –will increase the fat content of the sausage


Trimmings – (yield 8% of total weight)


1.      Sausage – hot or mild

2.      Ground pork


Neck bones


1.      Yes

a.       How  many pounds per package


2.      No, ground meat into sausage or ground pork




1.      Yes, I want the organ meats (heart, liver, kidney and spleen)


2.      No thanks, I do not want them.  (You do not receive any kind of discount).


All ground pork is in 1 pound packages.

All cubed pork in any pound packages.

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