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Price: $200

Bulk Beef - deposit for half animal

Bulk Beef - deposit for half animal

Half Beef

Bulk Beef is available by the whole, half, or quarter animal. - The weight ranges and prices are approximates only. The final weight and price will vary with the size of the animal and the processing options. The average Peaceful Pastures whole beef is 1,000 lbs. live weight, however, weight can range from 950-1,100 lbs. The price reflects meat that has been inspected, cut, wrapped and frozen. The breakdown of cuts (by weight) is 25-30% steaks, 30-35% roasts, and the remainder in ground beef. - Beef Cutting Options

Deposits will be processed immediately to reserve your selection. Please allow 6-8 weeks from the time of your reservation for delivery. We will contact you within two weeks to obtain your cutting instructions on whole and half beef orders.

Place a reservation now for Half Beef, Deposit: $200

How the price is calculated:

  • $5.35/lb. x hanging weight* (this includes the processing fee)
  • ESTIMATED hanging weight: 280-350 pounds
  • Roughly $9.00/lb final cost 
  • Half Final Take Home Weight Range – Approximately 165 - 210 lbs.
  • Final Price Range $1500-$1,875

*At Peaceful Pastures we charge our customers for meat by the Hanging Weight which is defined as the live weight minus the head, hide and entrails.  The hanging weight is approximately 55% of the live animal weight and therefore you are not charged for any of that waste product.

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