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All Products > Pork > Heritage Smoked Bacon $12 each
Price: $12

Heritage Smoked Bacon $12 each

5 stars (3 customer reviews)

Heritage Smoked Bacon $12 each

Heritage Smoked Bacon

Description: Our "Special Cure" -- Smoked Sliced pork, salt, with an all-natural Hickory smoke finish, with no nitrites and nitrates.  Gluten Free!!
Average Weight: Approximately 1 pound per package
Price Per Package: $12.00

Product Reviews

Average Rating: 5 stars (3) see all reviews

5 stars Amazing!
11/14/2017 1:16:55 PM

Delicious, absolutely delicious! No one will oversleep if they know this bacon is for breakfast! It is so tempting to eat the entire package all by myself before the rest of the house is downstairs....I figure the cook can have a piece (or 6!) extra. The fat is perfect for other purposes. It cools to a beautiful white, and adds yummy flavor to cornbread.

5 stars So good!
10/15/2017 1:26:05 PM

I've tried many different kinds of bacon from various farmers at the Nashville markets and have not found one that competes with this one. This bacon is by far the household favorite!

5 stars Delicious and priced well
11/8/2015 7:23:55 PM

We generally aren't big pork eaters, but I am pleased that Peaceful Pastures raises a heritage breed of hogs, they eat pasture (not grains), and they feed them pumpkins which improves the intestinal health of the animals. Healthy animals = healthy meat. Ounce for ounce, the price is good compared to other sources for much less healthy bacon. Not to mention the Peaceful Pastures Heritage Smoked Bacon wins in a taste test by far. Bacon makes everything better.

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