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  • Heart (beef) -$6.50/lb


    Beef Heart Description: Best prepared by slow cooking or using a pressure cooker to yield a tender, nutrient p... more

  • Kidney (beef) - $6.00/lb


    Beef Kidney Description: Popular for nutrient density, kidney is a good source of protein, iron, phosphorus, v... more

  • Liver (beef) -$8.00/lb
    5 stars (1)

    Beef Liver Description: This tender liver is tasty and rich in iron. Average Weight: Approximately 1.0lb - 1.5l... more

  • Spleen (beef) $6.00/lb


    Beef Spleen Description: Spleen is a good source of protein, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B12. Average Weight: 1.5 ... more

  • Tongue (beef) - $6.50/lb
    5 stars (1)

    Beef Tongue Description: Delicious and rich, a staple in Mexican Cooking, especially in tacos. Avera... more

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