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  • Eighth Beef $550.00 - NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL AUGUST


    Peaceful Pastures is now offering an Eighth of a beef!! This package will weigh at least 50lbs and will include: 1lb of fil... more

  • Beef Sampler Pack - $145
    5 stars (1)

    Beef Sampler Pack   Each sampler pack will contain: 1 Chuck Roast, 1 Rump Roast, 5 pounds Ground Beef, 1 package Stew B... more

  • Crockpot Special


    Peaceful Pastures is now offering a Crockpot Special. Each Crockpot Special will contain: 1 whole Chicken, 1 Pork Shoulder ... more

  • Family Beef Special - NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL AUGUST


    *NEW* Family Beef Special  Grass-fed, AND grass finished Angus beef. Package will include: 1 lb. Filet Mignon... more

  • Grill Sampler Pack $75.00
    5 stars (1)

    Peaceful Pastures is now offering a Grill Sampler Pack.  These items would all be great to cook on the Grill.  Th... more

  • Peaceful Pastures Sampler Pack
    5 stars (1)

    This sampler pack will have a variety of beef, chicken, and pork products.  Each sampler pack will contain: 1 package o... more

  • Pork Breakfast Special $46


    Pork Breakfast Special  In this pork special you will find wonderful breakfast items for you to try again and agai... more

  • Sausage Sampler Pack $68.00


    Sausage Sampler Pack Peaceful Pastures is now offering a Sausage Sampler Pack. If you have not tried our sausages, this ... more

  • Quarter Pig


    Quarter Hog  for only $425! Grass-fed, heritage breed pigs raised on and grazing pasture their entire li... more

  • Pork Sampler Pack - $100.00


    Each sampler pack will contain: 2 packages Pork Chops (2 per pack), 2 Cured Bacon (1lb each), 1 Pork Shoulder Roast, 2 poun... more

  • Chicken Sampler Pack $69.00


    Chicken Sampler Pack. This sampler pack will contain: 1 Whole Chicken (4-5lbs), 1 package Boneless, Skinless Breast (1 lb... more

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