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Ground Beef - 5 lb package $33.50 each

Average Rating: 5 stars (1)

5 stars Can't beat the price for pastured ground beef
11/8/2015 7:16:01 PM

Peaceful Pastures ground beef beats anything we've bought at the grocery store ... ever. I caved one time and bought some Laura's Lean on clearance; my pre-teen son noted the difference in taste without me mentioning it was from a different source. We are spoiled by Peaceful Pastures meat. I have a collection of ground beef recipes and use 2-3 recipes per 5-lb package to accommodate the larger portion package (saves $$ and no waste). Or I'll cook up all 5 lbs of the ground beef at one time and make a huge batch of chili or taco meat and freeze portions for later. A great deal for big-batch, freezer cooking.

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